Dear Mainstream Media

Dear Mainstream Media:

I think I get it now. I think I understand why you’re not reporting on Benghazi, the events that happened and the subsequent lies and cover-up out of the White House.

Until just now I called it a media cover-up, but I don’t see it that way anymore. No, I think what we are seeing is some kind of identity crisis. There is simply no way to get around the fact that the man you revere, the man you held up as the messiah, the man you moved heaven and Earth for to have elected, the man whose every fault went unmentioned but whose every positive-sounding breath went celebrated, there’s no longer any way to ignore his complicity in these events, and you simply can’t quite absorb it.

How can you turn away from 5 years of unquestioning adulation? This is a hard habit to break! You have lost the ability to ask the hard questions – you’ve even lost sight of the idea that this man ought to be asked any questions other than what his golf handicap is.

Your very selves are so invested in his success that you have found yourselves incapable of fathoming his failure, let alone of contending with his lies about the death of four Americans.

The very idea must have shaken you to your core. The cognitive dissonance must be making your heads spin. The North Star which guides you has proven to be a falling star instead, leaving you with no bearings, no compass.

But I urge you. On behalf of all Americans: WAKE UP and DO YOUR JOBS.

Shake it off – we’ve all been betrayed before; we’ve all put our hopes in someone who has disappointed us. But the time to move on is NOW. It’s tough, I know – the emotion was profound. And your sense of betrayal must be equally so. But there are people out here who expect the truth from you, and it’s time for you to do your jobs.

We deserve better from you.


About mediarage2012

Rage Against the Media is an organization born out of anger at the media's complicity with the "liberal" agenda. Their agenda-driven propaganda harms all Americans by not being the independent fourth estate that a free nation requires. RATM is an organization whose purpose is to make Americans aware of the bias and how it hurts them, and to tell the mainstream media that "WE ARE WATCHING YOU" and demand better
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One Response to Dear Mainstream Media

  1. This is a topic that is close to my heart… Cheers! Where
    are your contact details though?

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