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Protecting the president: It’s not just Benghazi

This morning I’ve been thinking about how furious I am  at the media for ignoring Benghazi – and it should be and is at the top of the RATM list because of all the horror surrounding it, men dying needlessly, … Continue reading

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RATM’s first post-election Flashmob

Since the media’s successful propagandizing to ensure the re-election of Barack Obama, members of RATM have experienced, as have others, a range of emotion from depression-induced catatonia, to frenzy seeking a target.  After the initial shock played itself out, RATM … Continue reading

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RATM fights the media’s Benghazi Cover-Up

Rage Against the Media has almost 2500 members, each of whom realizes the blatant bias of the mainstream media and is horrified at the damage that it does. The group was born out of anger at the media’s handling of … Continue reading

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