Protecting the president: It’s not just Benghazi

This morning I’ve been thinking about how furious I am  at the media for ignoring Benghazi – and it should be and is at the top of the RATM list because of all the horror surrounding it, men dying needlessly, and the President’s decisions and cover-ups and so on.
And of course there is Fast and Furious, where men have also died!

But look at what they are doing EVEN WITH EVENTS RIGHT now:

  • Ignoring FEMAs failures and Obama’s photo-op attention related to Sandy –
  • Only now waking up to the “fiscal cliff”
  • Ignoring the massive layoffs, some of which had been deliberately postponed till after the election at Obama’s request
  • Ignoring the drones generally
  • Ignoring the actual breakdown of election results, ignoring the demographics that put Obama back in and instead, attacking the right as being rejected.
  • Ignoring stories about potential election fraud

EACH OF THESE WOULD HAVE BEEN FRONT AND CENTER if they were related to a Republican president.

So yes, we’re flashmobbing about Benghazi, and will continue to do so and about other biases as well, but the corruption as a whole is something we have to attack more broadly.

I don’t understand why we are not protesting every major news outlet across the country, I really don’t.


About mediarage2012

Rage Against the Media is an organization born out of anger at the media's complicity with the "liberal" agenda. Their agenda-driven propaganda harms all Americans by not being the independent fourth estate that a free nation requires. RATM is an organization whose purpose is to make Americans aware of the bias and how it hurts them, and to tell the mainstream media that "WE ARE WATCHING YOU" and demand better
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