Bias du Jour

December 18, 2012

Needless to say, the main media focus has been on how critical it is that we now have “meaningful discussion about guns” as a result of the tragedy in Newtown, CT, last Friday. Ignored among the shrill and righteous cries for gun bans are details such as the 2nd amendment, the fact that the data in no way suggest that stricter gun laws create safer environments, the fact that Connecticut already has among the strictest gun laws in the nation, the fact that number of mass shootings are prevented by armed passers-by, the fact that mental illness and anti-psychotic drugs played a role, and so on.  In other words, never let facts get in the way of an agenda.  In other words, seize any opportunity to further an agenda, even at the vigil for the victims.  In other words, It’s about the agenda of gun control, reality be damned.

Ironic, really, for President Obama to use the deaths of children as the impetus for this push for some kind of “historic” gun control measures, when even third trimester abortion seems to be A-Ok with him, and considering that he was one of the few no-votes as State Senator on a measure that would have provided care to those babies whose abortions had “failed,” that is, those who survived the attempt to kill them.  And here he is, wiping a “tear” and decrying the violence, even when he referred to an unwanted baby as a “punishment” that abortions should be able to absolve one of.

Also ironic is that this man whose “Fast and Furious” gun-running program which provided guns to Mexicans has been able to avoid a “conversation” about THOSE guns, and whose permitting of guns being provided to Libyan rebels could well have contributed to the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and his guard in Benghazi, another ”conversation” he has managed to avoid.

The media, of course, says nothing about any of these issues, but does what it can in support of the “gun control” agenda.  It is for this reason that RATM held the first “GUN SANITY” Facebook Flashmob last night.  Someone has to bring all this up; if not us, then who?

Articles and information posted:

HARVARD STUDY:  Gun control is counterproductive

Let’s have that Conversation about Guns:

Interview with John Stossel from 2007:  Gun Control isn’t Crime Control

From National Review:  The Facts about Mass Shootings

Data from the UK gun ban, precipitated by a school shooting:

Some warnings from England about gun bans:

From Breitbart:  Can More Gun Laws Stop a Lawbreaker?

Some great global data:

Congressional Report the report: On average, right-to-carry states have 22 percent lower total violent crime rates, 30 percent lower murder rates, 46 percent lower robbery rates, and 12 percent lower aggravated assault rates, compared to the rest of the country. The seven states with the lowest violent crime rates are right-to-carry states.

New article today: U.S. report: more guns, less murder; loopholes, laissez-faire

In other news they chose to not report:

How about looking into the FDA and the drugs this boy was on?

It seems the media never bothered to vet Eric Holder, either:

An American Marine, rotting in a Mexican prison? We’re seeing increasing accounts of this, everywhere but in the MSM:

Another story out of Mexico:  A Beauty Queen, killed with a “Fast and Furious” rifle –   Guns? What guns?

That about wraps it up for today.
More bias tomorrow.  🙂


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Rage Against the Media is an organization born out of anger at the media's complicity with the "liberal" agenda. Their agenda-driven propaganda harms all Americans by not being the independent fourth estate that a free nation requires. RATM is an organization whose purpose is to make Americans aware of the bias and how it hurts them, and to tell the mainstream media that "WE ARE WATCHING YOU" and demand better
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