Rage Against the Media Rally – JOIN US!

Imagine the state of the country if we had honest media.

Go ahead.

Imagine if they told the stories that needed to be told – the truth about Obamacare, about the real joblessness statistics, about Fast and Furious, about the IRS scandals, about the Zimmerman case, about crime, about actual gun statistics…

If they told these stories, the entire nation would be a different place.

Imagine if they treated both political parties the same way – just imagine if there actually were a free marketplace of ideas, where candidates and policies were reported upon with equal skepticism and objectivity, rather than one party’s being evangelized for, and the other’s being ridiculed and vilified.

If they reported rather than propagandized, every aspect of our country would be different.

What we are experiencing here in the US is not the legitimate outcome of Americans’ choosing one ideology over another, but the natural consequence of a media that is complicit with one ideology and that is determined to silence any alternative.

Propaganda works.  Our media is all too effective at this propagandizing.

They lie to us.  They betray our trust.  They treat us as dupes.

And we allow them to.

It’s not only the right that suffers, however.  Their lying hurts all of us.  A bad economy, weak national security, crippling policies, not to mention the constant erosion of liberties hurts every single American.

We all complain about it, but one group is taking action.  And if you’re getting this email, you already know: RAGE AGAINST THE MEDIA is the ONLY group fighting this corruption and dishonesty.

We are  holding a rally on August 17th in Westwood -from 10AM to 1 PM

A dozen inspiring speakers; live music by “The Black List,”  a group of world-class musicians performing anonymously as their connection to non-leftist event would most certainly imperil their careers here in Los Angeles, and the presentation of a number of awards to those journalists who honor their profession will ensure an entertaining, informative and empowering few hours!

Please join us and show your support for this profoundly important cause.


About mediarage2012

Rage Against the Media is an organization born out of anger at the media's complicity with the "liberal" agenda. Their agenda-driven propaganda harms all Americans by not being the independent fourth estate that a free nation requires. RATM is an organization whose purpose is to make Americans aware of the bias and how it hurts them, and to tell the mainstream media that "WE ARE WATCHING YOU" and demand better
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